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Prayer-Works Follow the Church Year.

Have you every wanted to
read the entire bible
but didn’t know where to start.

Begin here on the ‘Bible Reading’ page (this link takes you to the readings for the current month and an index to the readings for the entire year)...and after one year you will have read the New Testament through twice, the Old Testament once, and the Psalms through monthly.
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The Bible Readings are Line chosen based on the Church Year, as used by Western Christianity for well over a millennium, and currently as arranged in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer Lectionary. The Church Year is how the Church divides the Calendar Year to celebrate the Life and Events of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, during His time on Earth.

  • Advent to Trinity we follow the life of our Lord. We read the account of the great events in His earthly life. (Runs generally from December to May)
  • Trinity Season the Bible Readings illuminate the teachings of our Lord. (Runs generally from May to November)

A printed Calendar is also available for sale. Use the calendar to know what Bible Readings to read for each day and to keep track of appointments. (Available from October 1 thru December of each year).


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