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Prayer-Works Follow the Church Year.

Follow the Church Year.

The purpose of this site is to provide guided bible reading, every morning and evening, for the 365 days of the year. We follow the Liturgical Church Year as presented in the Book of Common Prayer, 1928.

Church Year. There are two great divisions of the Christian Year--Advent to Trinity and Trinity to Advent--as used by Western Christianity for well over a millennium

  • From Advent to Trinity the Church Year follows the life of our Lord. We read the account of the great events in His earthly life.(Roughly December to May).
  • During the Trinity Season the Bible Lessons illuminate the teachings of our Lord.(Roughly June to November).
    (Learn more about the Church Year, click here).

Calendar. There is also a printed calendar available that is a complete Bible Reading Plan and Daily Appointment tracker that follows the Church Year.
(Learn more about the Calendar, click here).

Prayer Book (BCP 1928). The Prayer Book has been in use since 1548. The reason why this book endures, and is of such importance still to millions, is that the Bible and the Prayer Book are substantially the same book. The Prayer Book is the Bible in devotional form. More than two thirds of the Prayer Book is Scripture, quoted word for word, and the remaining one third is the Scripture paraphrased and put in devotional form. (Learn more about The Book of Common Prayer, 1928, click here)


This is a private site mostly funded by sales of the Church Year Calendar.

My “mission” is to encourage folks to read the Bible every day and provide them the resources to do so.

The starting point (where we begin our Bible Reading and how does it all fit together) is the is the Church Year. Following the Church Year helps our focus remain on our Lord rather than our Bible Reading becoming a random, haphazard, infrequent effort.

This site will also provide resources, in the form of on-line material and Links, as to what others are saying and writing about the Bible.

You are welcome anytime to contact me via email or write me for more information.
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