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Prayer-Works Follow the Church Year.

Word of Life
Streaming audio only. Must listen while you are connected to the Internet. Approximately 15 minutes long. Sermon then bible study. Dr. Joe Jordan, director of Word of Life. “Reaching Youth with the Gospel of Christ!”

Walk in the Word
Streaming audio and download as MP3 file. Approximately 20 minutes long. Sermon topics span several days. Senior Pastor, Dr. James MacDonald. Non-denominational mega-church where the truth is taught.

Canadian traditional Anglican Publication. Now available as a PDF file, via subscription. September 2002 issue available here for review. Click
“THE ROCK”. BIG file. 601K. Could take up to 5-7 minutes (at 50bps modem speed to download) in comparision to the reading ZIP files at about 100K.

Check out Marva Dawn
"Mrs. Dawn is a Lutheran, yet her clear-headedness and thorough research applies across the ecclesiastical spectrum. She begins with the fact that the Church has been dreadfully dumbed down."
Most of her books are published by Eerdmans Publishing.


Utmost for His Highest
Check out your local Christian Radio station for the daily broadcast. Lasts only a couple of minutes but its insights last you for the entire day.

Blue Bible
There are a lot of Bible References on-line but this one is pretty good. Reasonably uncluttered and gets to any bible verse quickly. Uses ONLY the KJV (of which I am partial too but they explain why they use the KJV exclusively).


ORDO Calendar
An online version plus +,
the observances from the “Lesser Feasts and Fasts” as shown in the Anglican Missal. Developed and hosted by:

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